Screen Print Shop

Cranston, RI

Are you looking to make a bunch shirts, and you want to find a screen print shop that does bulk screen printing? Are you trying to find screen printing ‘near me' in the Cranston area, and you want to make sure you get the quality you need? That's where we come in, welcome to SWG Promotions. We are the number one bulk screen printing and custom shirts company in town, and you are going to be very glad that you made that call to us (because of how unbelievably sweet the quality of the screen printing and custom shirts are).

You see, here at SWG Promotions, we pride ourselves on our fabulous customer service. Having a great product like we do is great and all, but if you are treating your customers poorly then it doesn't really matter how good your product is does it? That is why we have an unwavering commitment to providing the very highest standards of customer care and overall attentiveness. We want each and every single one of our clients to feel as though they are being treated as a family member of an SWG Promotions employee. We want you to feel great with every aspect of our dealings together, and having such a strong focus on customer service is absolutely going to have that kind of an impact.

So if you have a bulk screen printing project, and you are looking for screen printing ‘near me' in or near Cranston; then you definitely need to come check us out over here at SWG Promotions. We are the number one shirt and screen printing company in the business! See you soon!